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Are Wired Headphones Making A Comeback?

..or did they ever go out of style?

It was not until Vogue has implied they could soon be out of fashion, and someone in the stature of let's say, a Bella Hadid, gets recently spotted wearing wired headphones as she stepped out of an airport. Then comes a tweet: 'Forget AirPods - Bella Hadid is bringing back the wire headphone.' may have just changed it all.

Photo c/o Peter Parker/ & The Daily Mail

This incident later racked up over 50,000 retweets, with many arguing they don't allow celebrities to dictate what they choose to wear, while many stated that Bella can't be responsible for bringing back a trend that never went away.

Although while many defended the fact that wired headphones never went away, a great number also defended the new technology behind wireless and swore to never go back to using prehistoric technology again.

As someone who grew up in the 80s and 90s, I actually love the fact that wired headphones being recognized again, as well as finding ourselves mixing the old school with the new;

like what we have done with the H-Audio Replays, and what we are now working on for our boombox bluetooth speaker project. Also being a radio broadcaster for about two decades, I really did not feel that the wired headphones never went out of style as I still see radio personalities, club DJs, and producers using them on an everyday basis.


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