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From the moment the idea of H-Audio was born, its primary purpose was to be a pleasant, comforting product with outstanding sound, that will join an individual during their many journeys. So whether you are a travel addict or everyday commuter who needs to cancel excessive noise around them, a world class athlete or fitness enthusiast looking for that extra bass kick during training, a student or entrepreneur who needs crystal clear sound for their online calls; our products want to be there throughout all the wins, and most importantly every single one of the losses that life brings.



It all started when our founder Marcelle "H" Marcelino, a 20 year veteran in the radio broadcasting industry, found his way into engineering headphones for himself, because:

1. He did not want to pay for quality headphones that cost over $250.

2. He did not want to pay for cheap headphones under $100 that sounded like crap and will end up breaking after a few weeks or months.

So, he started calling manufacturers in China to send him samples of their products. He was never satisfied with any of the products that he received, so he decided to hop on a plane and visit factories in China that manufactured the parts to build headphones. Then he started connecting with other special parts manufacturers in Europe and Japan to create more quality parts, drivers, and chipsets.


The rest was history in the making.

Above: The very first headphones released by H-Audio, The Thumps, which was engineered by "H" to specifically have EXPLOSIVE THUMPING BASS like no other headphone ever had. 

Below: A special prototype sports headset "H" made for the Anytime Fitness company.

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